Judith Kenen, L.Ac.

Founder of the Atlanta Veterans Acupuncture Clinic, Judith practices at Intown Acupuncture in Decatur, GA.

Jim Gordon, L.Ac.

Jim practices at Intown Acupuncture in Decatur, GA.

Faith Russler, L.Ac.

Faith practices at Intown Acupuncture in Decatur, GA

Michele Moody, L.Ac.

Michelle practices at Meridian Health and Healing Arts in Atlanta, GA

Oyama Kozue, L.Ac

Oyama practices at Acupuncture Center of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA

Mary Cook, L.Ac.

Mary practices at Wellpoint Physical Therapy and Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA 

Cameron Holister, L.Ac.

Cameron practices at Peach Tree Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA 

Chris Hughes, L.Ac.

Chris practices at Gentle Path Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA

Sara Welch

Sara practices at Sara Welch Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA

Laura Bowman, M.D.

Laura practices at Metro Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA

Josh Lane, L.Ac.

Josh practices at Ascendant Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Rebecca Lantz

Rebecca practices at Decatur Healing Arts in Decatur, GA

Leena Cook, L.Ac.

Leena practices at Healthy Body & Soul in Suwanee, GA

Rawls Whittlesey, L.Ac.

Rawls practices at Red Earth Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Fayetteville, GA.